Freelance creative designer based in Italy. Essentially I create brands and identities.
I think the branding identity is the best dress to wear at the most important event, it should fit perfectly to your being and appearance.
That’s why I like to define myself a “tailor of identities”: I just need to know who you are and your measures (your values, what you want to communicate, the feelings to evoke, the target and market of reference) to create a tailored product that won’t disappoint the expectations.
My studies in social psychology introduced me to the main mechanisms of marketing: the knowledge about social behaviors and attitudes is an element of primary importance in the field of design, although some underestimate this. Then, creativity and devotion for beauty do the rest.
I don’t make just logos but also develop all the branding/corporate stuff that come after the logo design.
Contact me for a quote or any info, I’ll be glad to reply asap.

  • January 2, 2016
    Generic and overused logos (avoid them!)
    In the world of creative communities a customer launches his project (for logos, corporate identities, banners, websites, etc.) and designers respond with their...